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Lock Block Wall Construction, Excavation & More in Whistler, BC

In addition to our ongoing projects, we also have a large number of projects completed for satisfied customers. You can learn more about some of them below. If you still have questions, or if you’d like to schedule our services, just contact us today.
Creekside Finish Venue
Location: Top of Nordic Drive, Timing Flats, Whistler Mountain
Status: Summer 2007 – Fall 2009
Some of the services we provided on this project include:
• Pad/road grading
• Aggregate supply and install
• Helipad construction
• Lock block wall construction
  for grandstands
• Asphalt installation
Our utility servicing included:
• Water mains
• Sanitary sewers
• Hydro ducting

• PMT install
• Conduit install

Cypress Place
Location: Cypress Drive, across Highway 99 from Nicklaus North Boulevard
Status: Summer 2007 – Fall 2009
Our work on the 39 lot residential development on the Nicklaus North golf course included earthworks such as:

• Stripping of 40,000 M3
• Structural fill of 80,000 M3
• Preload 39 lots (60,000 M3)

Our utility servicing included:
• Sanitary sewer
• Storm sewer
• Waterman
• Hydro
• Telephone
• Shaw

• Gas
• Curb and gutter
• Asphalt
• Street lights
• RMOW Valley trail extension

Whistler Heliport
Location: 9960 Heliport Road, Whistler, BC V0N 1B9
Status: Complete
This heliport was extended in the fall of 2009 for the Canadian Military to store additional helicopters for the security requirement for the 2010 Olympic and Para-Olympic Winter Games.
In 1995, our work included:

• Cut/fill job, approx.. 50,000 M3
• Drilling and blasting
In 2009, our work included:
• Extension for 2010 Olympics
• 5,000 M3 structural fill
• Aggregate supply and install

Whistler Athletes Village
athletes village project
Location: Cheakamus Lake road
Status: Summer 2007 – 2010
Coastal Mountain Excavations Ltd was involved in a large portion of the foundation and footing preparation, utility hookups, grading and paving of the Whistler Athletes Village for the 2010 Olympic and Para-Olympic Winter Games. We performed all of the following works on 75% of the housing used by the athletes of the 2010 Games.
Works done included:
• Lot grading: filling and compaction
• Excavation for footings and
  foundation preparation
• Backfill and slab preparation
• Perimeter drain and sump installation
• Water, sanitary, hydro, telephone, district
  energy and storm services
• Curb and gutter installation
• Paving
Women’s Downhill Tunnel
Location: Whistler Mountain, Highway 86/Franz’s run
Status: Summer 2007 – Fall 2009
Coastal Mountain Excavations Ltd performed the major cuts and fills and ski run grading of the 2010 Women's Downhill race course from summer 2007 – summer 2009. From the famed "Frog Bank" turn that challenged the best female skiers in the world to the exciting "Tunnel Jump," we built it all. The largest component of this project was the design and build of North America's largest multi-plate corrugated steel tunnel that allowed public ski traffic on Whistler Mountain to cross the Olympic Downhill run with no interruption. Whether you're skiing through the tunnel in the winter, or biking through in the summer, you can see how we left our mark on Whistler Mountain, and the legacy left by the 2010 Games.
Our ski run construction in the summer of 2007 included work such as:
• Drilling and blasting (10,000 M3)
• Grading
• Sloping
We completed the biggest corrugated steel pipe construction (multi-plate) tunnel in North America, in partnership with ArmTec (pipe supplier), as well as Thurber Engineering Ltd and R. F. Binnie and Associates.
The tunnel construction work, lasting from spring of 2008 to fall of 2009, included:

• Clearing and grubbing
• Stripping
• Gabien Basket installation
  at headwalls of tunnel
• Drilling and blasting (25,000 M3)
• Drainage system
• Grading
• Rock stack walls