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Road Grading, Asphalt Installation, Utilities & More in Whistler, BC

Here are just a few of our current and ongoing projects. Take a look through the project descriptions, and then contact us today if you have more questions or would like us to tackle your next excavation or construction project.
Bayly Park at Cheakamus Crossing
 Location: Legacy Way, Whistler
Status: Substantially complete
The Resort Municipality of Whistler hired Coastal Mountain Excavations Ltd to begin the subgrade earthworks for the new Bayly Park facility for the new neighborhood of Cheakamus Crossing in Whistler. We began the project in late June and quickly won the Phase 2 contract for all the site servicing and landscape works. We would like to thank Tyler Mosher of TMD The Gardener's Yard, Whistler Irrigation, Leson Developments, and all the other sub trades that came together to get the job done. The grass will be growing in the spring so all the families of Cheakamus can enjoy the new facility. A special thank you to Martin Pardoe and Andy Chalk of the RMOW for the business, and we are pleased to be a big part of the new park. Hats off to Project Manager Bruce Lussin and Foreman Mike Embury on a job well done.

Lakecrest Subdivision
Lakecrest project
Location: 23 lot subdivision on the east short of Alta Lake next to Wayside Park
Status: In progress
The work done for this project includes the following:
• Drilling and blasting
• Road subgrade preparation
• Utility servicing – the works!
• Valley trail construction
• Rock stack walls
• Curb and gutter installation
• Paving
• Lot preparation – grading and servicing
Rainbow Project
Location: Sea to Sky highway
Status: In progress
While this project is still in progress, we’ve done a great deal of work already, including the following done in 2009:
• Rock stack walls
• Driveway subgrade preparation
• Landscaping
• Rock crushing
We’ve also done the following utility services for this project:
• Hydro
• Telephone
• Sanitary

• Water
• Storm
• Perimeter drain and sump installation

Riverside Campground
Location: 8018 Mons Road, Whistler, BC V0N 1B8
Status: In progress
This project is currently in progress, but some of the work we’ve done in 2008 and 2009 includes:
• 130 metre long bridge over Fitzsimmons Creek
• New Centennial Trail, Lower Panorama Trail Loop (Lost Lake Trails)
• Road subgrade preparation (cut/fill 20,000 M3)
• Full utility servicing (including bridge crossing and insulation of water and sanitary mains)
  expansion joints
• 44 RV pads
• 16 drive-in tent sites

Location: 108 lot residential development
Status: 2004 – present
Some of the work we’ve done on this project includes:
• Drilling and blasting
• Bridge construction (railway and
  Green River crossings)
• Sewage treatment plant
• Road construction
• Cut/fill

• Rock stack walls
• Bridge plate structures
• Waterfalls
• Utility servicing – everything
• Asphalt
• Rock crushing
• Aggregate supply