Coastal Mountain Excavation | About Us
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Coastal Mountain Excavations is a Whistler based heavy construction and snow removal company; locally owned and operated since 1977. We are a service-oriented company providing all your earthworks and snow removal services throughout the Sea to Sky Corridor.

From our humble beginnings in the early days of Whistler, CME has grown into Whistler’s number one heavy construction and snow removal service provider. With our fleet of over 40 pieces of heavy machinery, snow removal equipment, and 60 highly skilled construction professionals, we are able to tackle any construction challenge.

CME’s 35 year history of successful construction projects and snow removal servicing has come from committing ourselves to:

Incorporating the newest of technologies in construction and snow removal

Continuous education and training

Fostering individual effort and initiative within a team environment

Always remembering that our employees and customers are our greatest resource

Top quality customer service at all levels

Quality Workmanship

Operating with the highest standards of ethics and integrity

Providing our employees with a healthy, safe, and happy workplace

Mission Statement

Coastal Mountain Excavations Ltd strives to continue to be the number one heavy construction and snow removal service provider within the Sea to Sky Corridor for the long term. Our commitment to top quality customer service at all levels and providing our employees with a safe and healthy work environment are paramount to our success. Our experience, professionalism, and honesty are second to none.

Health & Safety

Coastal Mountain Excavations Ltd is committed to providing our employees and clients with the safest possible construction sites. Nothing is more important to us than the well being of all stakeholders in our projects and services. Our safety record over the last 35 years has been impeccable. With ongoing training and constant monitoring of safe practices, CME is committed to providing a safe working environment.

Equipment Fleet

Coastal Mountain Excavations Ltd boasts the most diverse fleet of heavy construction and snow removal equipment the Sea to Sky Corridor has to offer. Our equipment line up enables us to tackle virtually any type or size of project that comes our way. Whether it’s the construction of a downhill race course on Whistler Mountain, the site preparation of a residential property or a small landscaping project, CME has the tools to do it all, no matter how big or small.


At Coastal Mountain Excavations Ltd, we believe that sustainable practices are important both for our business and for our environment. That’s why we put into place comprehensive practices that treat sustainability as something that must be practiced in a comprehensive way. If you have questions, just contact us, or learn more about our threefold view of sustainability below.

  • Environmental

    • We are committed to using the most environmentally sustainable products in all of our heavy equipment and their various applications
    • Bio-diesel
    • The latest technology in Tier-3 diesel engines
    • The use of mineral oil vs conventional hydraulic oil
    • Sand and salt snow removal initiatives
    • Snow and ice management practices

  • Operational

    • We are committed to using the most operationally sustainable techniques in all of our construction projects and snow removal services
    • We commit to maintaining clean and safe construction sites
    • Optimizing hauling routes to decrease carbon emissions
    • Monitoring machine idle time
    • Recycling as much construction debris as possible

  • Technological

    • We are committed to researching and implementing the best and most suitable technological advances are vital to our long term success
    • Snow and ice management practices
    • De-icing agents
    • Bio-diesel and Tier-3 diesel engines
    • Continuous education, research, and development
    • Snow melting technology