Coastal Mountain Excavation | LAND DEVELOPMENT
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wood waste removal

wood chipping

stripping organic material

landing clearing

drilling & blasting

So, you’ve bought some dirt? At Coastal Mountain Excavations Ltd we’re well equipped to transform this corner of God’s Green Earth into the slate upon which you’ll craft your ideal property. From clearing and grubbing to layout and rough shaping; these are the broad strokes that will start you on the path to realizing your commercial space, residential subdivision, or dream home.

This is the first step before site preparation and utility services to get you ready to start building.


Prepare your site for a housing development by clearing terrain for lots and building roads.


Clear vegetation, remove large rocks, and create a stable building platform to build your home on.


We have everything from mini excavators for landscaping work in your back yard, to full sized ECR305C excavator with a lifting capacity of 11,000 kg.