Coastal Mountain Excavation | Solana at Rainbow
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Solana at Rainbow

About This Project

CME was selected as the best suited heavy construction firm to tackle this exciting new condominium project in the growing community of Rainbow in Whistler.  This is the largest project CME has been a part of with our fantastic clients at Innovation Building Group.

It was a tricky excavation project as the proximity to existing homes above the site as well as live utilities had to be dealt with safely and protected during the bulk excavation phase of the project.  CME subcontracted the shoring work to Southwest Contracting to stabilize the earth behind the new building site.  This ensured the integrity of the surrounding homes and utilities and a safe work environment for all workers.  This project also included all new civil utility construction and tie ins to the existing infrastructure.

Interior and exterior backfilling, rock stack retaining walls and landscape works will commence in the spring of 2015.