Coastal Mountain Excavation | Wedge Woods Subdivision: Phase 2
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Wedge Woods Subdivision: Phase 2

About This Project

CME was very pleased to be awarded Phase 2 of the Wedge Woods Subdivision in the spring of 2014.  The contract consists of all civil servicing along Riverside Drive up to Lot 32.  This phase of the project will bring 20 more estate lots to market by the summer of 2015.

As part of what CME can bring to the table, we were able to utilize all the bulk rock from the drilling and blasting portion of road building and utility servicing and bring in our custom rock crushing equipment to produce all the required aggregates for this project: 19MM clear drain rock, 19MM pipe bedding, 75MM MMCD specified sub-base, and 19MM MOT specified base gravels.  Value engineering is something we take seriously and deliver our clients the best possible pricing and recycle all of the waste rock on site to create savings and efficiencies for the duration of the project.

We would like to thank Yukon Inc and Creus Engineering for the continued business and development of the beautiful Wedge Woods at Whistler subdivision.