Coastal Mountain Excavation | Wedgemount Creek I.P.P.
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Wedgemount Creek I.P.P.


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Expected Completion

March 2015

About This Project

The Wedgemount Creek I.P.P. is CME’s first run of river hydro project located approximately 15 kilometers north of Whistler above the Wedge Woods subdivision.  The 5.5 megawatt facility comprises an intake structure at 1210 meters above sea level and a 2.5 kilometer long penstock route down to the powerhouse facility adjacent to Wedgemount Creek and Green River.

During Phase 1 of the project, CME teamed up with Lizzie Bay Logging and Mumleqs Construction LP to construct the Forestry Access Roads and clear and grub the penstock route.  CME was a subcontractor during this phase of the project.

The penstock is a mix between welded steel and ductile iron pipe.  CME has teamed up with TDN Constructors Group for the welded section of the penstock.   Pipe install is slated for the spring of 2015 and power generation is scheduled to start in September 2015.  CME would like to thank Wedgemount Power Inc, Creus Engineering Ltd, GeoPacific Consultants, United Building Systems, Midgard Consulting, Cascade Environmental Resource Group, and all of our skilled employees for the exciting and challenging project.